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Abstract notions of form and beauty find in Jewelry their finest expression.

 Jewelry has always brought sheer aesthetic pleasure and mystical fascination to me.

My first reminiscence of jewelry would be of my Grandfather, a passionate diamantaire showing us beautifully cut loose diamonds and color stones- ; a nostalgic imagery imbedded in my memory.
Jewelry brings out the emotional responses and associations of the viewer, it is more beyond than just the tangible aspects.

Journey of a creator


An envision to create jewelry that leaves the adorner with a feeling of elation.

NIAJ is indicative my life path number 7 in numerology and also an anagram of surname Jain.

NIAJ is about the journey of a young girl mischievously trying on her grandfather’s curated jewels metamorphosing to a women realising her dream about changing art of adornment through the regal finery of her creations.
Hailing from a family of Jewellers , there was always a natural inclination to explore and learn about the Jewelry Trade .It provided me an avenue to channelize my creative instinct and imagination.


Our jewellery is also of highest quality and workmanship with delicate intricacies wherein each creation is a unique illustration .We aim to constantly innovate and bring new design perspective aligning to the dynamic Jewellery Industry.